During this term the children are given opportunities to explore the topic of pirates with a range of pirate stories to stimulate them. The children will then be absorbed into a land of make believe! With castles, kings, princesses, knights and mystical creatures, they truly become aware of using their senses when describing and using their imagination ready for Year One


After the Christmas break, the children will then experience a change to the classroom. They will be transported to Space! During this topic the children will lead their learning through their curiosity and use their imagination to play within an environment which has a high level of sensory activities and new learning. During the run up to Easter the children will explore the topic of ‘Dinosaur Dig’ and learn about the past and explore the huge mammals which use to walk the earth. During the second half term, the children will start to explore all aspects of spring by using our magic garden and observe changes in the environment.


To ensure there is a smooth transition from Nursery, we allow children to adapt to their new routines and surroundings by having a staggered entry. They will be slowly introduced to a full day and lunch times which they may not have encountered before. They will then feel more settled from receiving a slow transition. They will receive continued support from staff and also by having the opportunity to link home/school comforts with our class pet hamster. The main topics of this term will be based around ‘Marvellous Me’ collaborating this with their experiences of ‘Autumn Changes, Bonfire Night and Christmas.Autumn