We are the Kingfisher class, where just like kingfishers, children in Year 3 are bright and active! We want to help your children learn, enjoy and develop the skills necessary to progress through key stage 2 and beyond. We have high expectations of our pupils and strive to help them achieve good or better progress throughout the year.

This is an extremely important year in the progress of our children, as they transition from the Infants to the Juniors. The children continue to develop their knowledge and skills in reading, writing and mathematics, but also study fascinating new topics, such as Aztecs, Ancient Greece and French.

As the children begin Key stage 2, we encourage them to understand the increasing responsibility and independence they must show for them to continue to progress.  Our expectations are that the children take pride in their work and are proud of their accomplishments in all areas of school life. We love to share these successes with you throughout the year.

A successful home-school partnership through regular communication is essential for the children to have a happy and smooth time in Year 3 and we greatly value the efforts which you make at school and the support you offer them in their education at Lady Katherine Leveson.

The Year Three Team

Mr Hebert