In Year 4 

we strive to become more independent learners and to engage in a rich and inspiring curriculum that brings out the strengths of each individual. In our small class we welcome a wide range of personalities and tailor our learning to suit the needs and abilities of all enabling them to reach for the stars!

We are very focused on achieving our goals and dreams with active lessons and opportunities that develop our whole school community feel.

Throughout the year we tackle the conquests faced by the Aztecs, delve into the lands of Africa and Antarctica before travelling back to the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece ending with the treacherous plagues of London.

The Year Four Team

Miss Martin


Mrs Waja

Teaching Assistant

Autumn Term

During this term we explore all things animal! Using our poetic voice and our scientific classification diagrams we look at the features and characteristics of various animals and plants. As well as trawling through the history of the Aztecs, where we will enrol ourselves as warriors during the Spanish Conquest. We then escape to the plains of Africa and compare differing environments to our own.

Spring Term

Watch this space!

Summer Term

In the Summer we head to London, explore the plague and all its associated remedies. We become artistic and design our own plague masks and clothing that can be advertised to those suffering from this awful disease. We also explore how London has developed through time through use of eye opening texts and imagery.