In Year Six, we seek to create an exciting,  vibrant  and safe learning environment in which our children are stimulated and develop lifelong learning skills.

Our  Y6 curriculum aims to provide lessons that are engaging, meaningful and fun –  we provide  pupils with outdoor learning opportunities and  hands-on experiences within the classroom  that provide the right balance of challenge and support. Such memorable learning experiences promote creativity, independence and enjoyment.  Our close links with the St Mary’s Church and the Court also serve to enhance the provision that Year Six children receive.

We offer and continue to build upon a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the variety of subjects that pupils will study at secondary school. We promote independent learning and develop organisational skills, as well as confidence, social awareness and how to stay safe. Through our Jigsaw PSHE programme, we aim to enrich the children and prepare them for life outside of Lady Katherine Leveson C of E Primary, as they continue with their journey to secondary school.

Within English, we develop pupils’ key skills by promoting the enjoyment of writing for a range of audiences and purposes. Reading is shared and celebrated daily and, to support success in both writing and reading , challenging class texts are interwoven into our English curriculum to engage, stretch and extend our pupils. In Maths, children develop their reasoning and applying skills by using concrete materials alongside pictorial representations to explore all aspects of the mathematical curriculum and to deepen understanding of the four number operations.   As part of our drive to enhance our children’s experience, we provide small focus  groups to support these  key areas. In Science, we create scientific enquiry and let the children guide the learning through experiments and investigations. It is important that children have this scientific enquiry- allowing investigation, develops   curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, independence and resourcefulness –all key life skills.

As a class, we celebrate: ‘being the best that you can be’ which is inextricably linked to perseverance, resilience and risk-taking;  together with this, we encourage kindness and  caring and embrace the value of :Everyone is different ; Everyone is equal.

The Year Six Team

Mrs Anderson


Mrs Brooks


Mrs Marwaha

Teaching Assistant

Autumn Term

Our themes for this term are Conflict and Resolution and Mountains. Our first theme is supported by our study of Archie’s War and Rosa which view war and its effects through a child’s eyes. The children focus on ways to resolve conflict and it links to both our RE and our Jigsaw PSHE programme. The second theme, Mountains, develops children’s map reading skills and physical geographical knowledge.  Narrative poetry and The Sinking of the Titanic are studied and a deeper understanding of figurative language ad imagery developed.

Spring Term

Through exploring the locality, we discover the  historical characters, who have influenced our fabulous school site and examine the historical buildings and artefacts using primary sources, before making authentic replica pottery. We study the figure of Captain Scott and other famous explorers looking at their dreams and goals and how they have achieved them. Our RE focus is on Ahimsa and Easter. Children begin focussed preparation for SATS.

Summer Term

Post SATs, we have a variety of exciting trips and visitors organised:  Whitemoor Lakes,  Safeside Eastside and Birmingham Cathedral, as well as preparation visits for Secondary School and transitional work. First Aid /Bikeability also take place to support our commitment to sustainability and keeping safe. Outdoor and eco learning is prominent too and there are many opportunities for the children to carry out cross curricular activities out doors.  English and Maths continue to be taught through an Enterprise project, which allows children to develop organisational skills independence and self-reliance. Through PSHE, children learn about Relationship and Sex Education and also Drugs and Alcohol education.