In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children are given the opportunity to explore and use a range of materials in their art lessons. They are taught to experiment with a variety of mediums such as paint, pastels, clay and textiles before creating their own artwork.

As children transition into Key Stage Two they strengthen their skills with a range of mediums. The children revisit their artwork and are encouraged to reflect and make appropriate improvements.

In all Key Stages children learn about the work of famous artists and designers such as Monet, Picasso, Henri Rousseau, Gustav Klimt and Andy Goldsworthy. They are encouraged to express their own likes and dislikes within the artwork they view.

Work is displayed around the school and is highly valued by both children and adults alike. During the summer term, all children participate in arts week and they have the opportunity to win a trophy which is presented to them at the end of the academic year.

An extra-curricular art club is accessible to children who have shown to have a particular strength in this area of the curriculum. 

Subject Lead: Miss Harris