We understand that a good science education provides the foundations for understanding the physical world – Science has changed, and continues to change, our lives.  We seek to build on children’s natural curiosity and wonder about the world around them so they grow into enquiring adults able to understand how science works to enrich our lives.  Building from foundational knowledge and concepts, pupils explore, ask questions then develop rational explanations.  They designing and carrying out experiments, presenting their discoveries to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes.

In Nursery and Reception pupils knowledge of the world around them is enhanced by the use of our outside space.  Reception children have a weekly Forest Schools session – whatever the weather. 

Through Year 1 and 2 this exploration continues as pupils begin to ask more questions. They observe, identify, classify, with growing confidence, native plants and wild animals becoming familiar with their common names.  They investigate different habitats and the changing seasons, growing plant, gathering and recording data to answer questions.  Every day materials are investigated and compared

In Years 3 and 4 pupils broaden their scientific view. They explore plants and animals in more detail, learning about scientific classification.  Looking at the separate discipline of physics as they study forces, magnets, sound, electricity and light builds on earlier work. Year 3 begin simple geology with a study of rocks, whist year 4 look at digestion.  Throughout, appropriate vocabulary is encouraged, with discussion and written explanation providing an opportunity for peer review.  Scientific enquiry is structured as pupils regularly design fair tests with teacher support, looking for cause and effect relationships and collecting data to test their ideas.

Many of the units taught in years 3 and 4 are revisited in the upper Key Stage but with an increasing depth.  Year 5 pupils look at human development in more detail (alongside P.H.S.E.) The natural world is extended into an understanding of the solar system.  Physics continues with a more detailed understanding of forces, including experiments about gravity, friction and upthrust and a looking at how simple machines such as pulleys and levers help us.

Year 6 look back into the past as they study evolution and inheritance. As well as, a further Biology unit investigating the importance of having a health heart and lungs. Classification, Light and Electricity make up further units.  An increasing level of independence is encouraged as pupils develop their skills at designing experiments, work safely,  and organising themselves to collect appropriate data with increasing accuracy.

Subject Lead: Mrs Brooks