'Chance to Shine' Cricket Festival Year 4

'Chance to Shine' Cricket Festival Year 4

On Wednesday 27th June 2018, Year 4 went to Berkswell and Balsall Common Cricket Club to play in a Cricket competition against other local Solihull Schools.

Our class have been coached as a part of the ‘Chance to Shine’ project by Chris. He trained us every Monday morning and taught us a range of catching, throwing and batting skills to help us at the competition.

Although Chris wasn’t there on the day, there were other representatives of the ‘Chance to Shine’ project.


Our scores were-

30-56 George Fentham – A team won.

30-30 Balsall Common – B team

54-39 Balsall Common – A team won.

50-50 Balsall Common – F Team


We were picked up from school on a coach kindly provided by the ‘Chance to Shine’ project who dropped us at the cricket ground.

We found our own base under the shade of a tree and warmed ourselves up using some of our new found dance moves and our love of running round large, open spaces.

We played a number of games against a variety of other schools. The game we played was continuous cricket; we had a jail if we were ‘out’ or had hit our own wickets. We could join back into the game if three of our team mates were able to hit the ball.


Was Yesterday Fun?

FS- “I had a great day yesterday it was so good ,we got to meet new people and different schools.”


What was your favourite part?

MT – “I liked it when we got to have a friendly game at the end with one of the Balsall Common Teams, even though we didn’t win we still had lots of fun. And of course the Ice – Lolly’s! ”


What was your favourite school to go against?

JLC- “I thought that George Fentham A team was my favourite team to go head to head with because they were really good at cricket, and we caught a ball from one of the batsman and he went into JAIL!”