School Clubs

School Clubs


Reading Club

12.40-1.15pm with Mr Russell
years 5-6

Running Club

3.20-4.15pm with Mrs Williams
Years 3-6

Girls Football Club

3.30-4.15pm with Mr Hunt
Years 3-6

Karate Club

3.20-4.30pm with Kombat Kids
All years


Games Club

12.30-1pm with Mrs Williams
Yrs 1-2

Dance Club

3.30-4.30pm with Learning Curves
Yrs R-6


Sign Language Club

Lunchtime with Miss Martin
Yrs 3-6

Recorders Club

Lunchtime with Miss Gaywood
Yrs 1-3

Chess Club

3.30-4.30pm with Mr Hebert
Yrs 3-6

Homework Club

3.30-4.15pm with Miss Cotterill
Yrs 1-2

Drawing Club

3.20-4.30pm with Miss Brooks
Yrs 3-6

Cooking Club

3.30-4.30pm with Mrs Russell
Yrs 1-6


Cheerleading Club

7.45-8.45am with Learning Curves
Yrs 1-6

Choir Club

12.20-1.15pm with Mrs Anderson
Yrs 3-6


Boys Football Club

3.30-4.30pm with Mr Hunt
Yrs 5-6